Monkeypox Virus: what a issue in the world!!!

The whole world is in danger today!! 

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"Ek Rame Rakshe Nei Sugrib Sahay" This is how the situation in this world has taken shape at present. After the attack of Coronavirus in 2019, the world spent three years in panic. From education to health, everything has collapsed in these three years. But is this the end, or is there a bigger disaster waiting in the future?
Dr. Tedros , the chief researcher of WHO, indicated this. Born in far Africa, Monkeypox virus has so far reigned only in Africa, but according to sources, as a result of sexual intercourse, this virus has passed from African Congo, Nigeria to several countries in Europe. Not only Europe, but its outbreak is seen in several countries including Belgium and India.
Therefore, the world's highest health organization gave a red warning until the end. Dr. Tedros said in a press conference-------"For all of these reasons, I have decided that the global monkeypox outbreak represents a public health emergency of international concern.Accordingly, I have made a set of recommendations for four groups of countries:
৹First, those that have not yet reported a case of monkeypox, or have not reported a case for more than 21 days."
৹Second, those with recently imported cases of monkeypox and that are experiencing human-to-human transmission. This includes recommendations to implement a coordinated response to stop transmission and protect vulnerable groups.
৹The third group of countries is those with transmission of monkeypox from animals to humans.
৹And the fourth is countries with manufacturing capacity for vaccines and therapeutics.
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My full recommendations are laid out in my statement."

Now let's see what common people say from other researchers-----

In the language of Dr. Benjamin Ryan,"Many have claimed that so-called ascertainment bias is giving the false impression monkeypox is occurring vastly disproportionately among men who have sex with men, because that's the only place we're looking. I asked Fauci about this; he disagreed."
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In the words of Dr. Liz Highleyman,"Given the number of men with monkeypox lesions on the genitals & in the anus, transmission appears to be happening during intercourse, not just from general body contact or kissing/face-to-face breathing during sex, whether it's defined as an STD or not."

Dr. Eric Ding says,"maybe I should backtrack a little — I think people will only care a little more when they see a photo of a sick child with monkeypox boiling over their body. Many still won’t care until it affects someone they know. That’s how low-empathy many people are."
                             Sources form Twitter 

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