Microsoft stock up 5 percent despite lower revenue estimates

Microsoft stock increase 5%,Is the results of 1% job cut;

Satya Nadella (CEO of Microsoft) told Tuesday, "We help every customer in every industry to overcome today's challenges and become stronger."

Microsoft office
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Microsoft, the current top software company, posted its highest quarterly revenue of 2020 in June, increasing its revenue by nearly 5%. As a result, their income levels in various fields have been at their highest in the last two to three years. Their total revenue is fifty-one point nine billion dollars which is a 12% year-over-year growth. Besides, with a total revenue of 16.7 billion, the company has touched the revenue record of 14.4 billion dollars with a total revenue of 16.7 billion. . In addition, they are able to increase the revenue rate of 20 points 9 billion in Intelligent Cloud, i.e. 20 percent.


Satya Nadella,CEO of Microsoft 
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The rise in the stock raises many questions along with Microsoft's development. Not long ago, Microsoft laid off one percent of its workforce, saying their financial situation was not good. But the question suddenly arises? However, according to sources, some of those jobless people have been given job opportunities by Microsoft in other fields, but the remuneration is not that high and Microsoft has not started the recruitment process till now. Now let's see what Microsoft does after the new development?

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