Mehbooba Mufti attacks earlier president Ramnath Kovind !!

Ram Nath Kovind, the 14th President of India, made a political controversy at the last moment.

Since 2017 till today, no one from the opposition has made any comment about Ramnath Kovind. But at the last moment of his retirement, Mehbooba Mufti, the former chief minister of Jammu and Kashmir, severely criticized him. In Mehbooba Mufti's language, the inner anger and the impression of communalism came out.According to political experts, Mehbooba Mufti took the most wrong step in her life. 

Today Mehbooba Mufti said on Twitter-----"The outgoing President leaves behind a legacy where the Indian Constitution was trampled upon umpteenth times. Be it scrapping of Article 370,CAA or the unabashed targeting of minorities & Dalits, he fulfilled BJPs political agenda  all at the cost of the Indian Constitution."

In no time, his comments started to be severely criticized. In the political circles, starting from the top leadership of the BJP, the common people became angry. In this incident, most of the BJP leaders claimed that Mehbooba Mufti insulted not only the President of India but also the Constitution of India through her comments. He insulted India's highest rank. So this incident is strongly condemned by the All India Janata Party.Such comments from a former Chief Minister never graces the constitution of India so we will strongly oppose this incident from now onwards!
Opposition party Congress opened up about Mehbooba Mufti's comments. In the words of the Congress, "Ramnath Kovind never stopped BJP from making mistakes. So he should never drag this constitutional position to the political door. He was never with BJP. During his reign, the people of India saw a silent ruler. So the Congress leadership in this regard has never Don't comment!"
 No impact was seen at the state level around this incident. 
Now let's see what the general public is saying—

In the words of Mrs. Rashmi,"I don't understand MehboobaMufti.In 1989, her sis Rubaiya was abducted by YaseenMalik & 3 more,released after 5 days. Fmily must hv experienced hell.Still she sees 'BHATKE HUE BACHHE' in evry terrorist. If my sis was abducted, I wud hv devoted my life fighting against terrorism."

In the language of Yash,"I can understand the pain of this lady bcoz she's yearning to come into power & has been stunned in such a way that now she doesn't even care about the dignity of the presidency of the country."

Peter Ilyas said,"Kashmiri leader MehboobaMufti said that ModiGovt. is forcing people to buy the Indian flag for the HarGharTiranga campaign and assert that “patriotism cannot be imposed”."

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