Mahua Maitra's comment about 'Maa Kali'

What started anew in West Bengal? Join us if you want to know. 
Mahua Maitra's remarks were strongly condemned in the political arena. The general public has been outraged over Mahua Maitra's statement ("Mother Kali is a meat-eating goddess"). The same practice Mahua Maitra in all quarters starting from all news channels.
Former state BJP president Dilip Ghosh says, "How can a person who cannot respect his religion respect the constitution of India."
In the language of Sukanta Majumdar, "people do not make such comments even if they lose their senses."
In the Tweet of Vicky Salvatore--
Incumbent Leader of the Opposition Shuvendu Adhikari says - "Mahua Maitre should be given the ultimate punishment in the constitutional way
No grassroots leader stood by Mahua Maitra even on the condition that the water was removed so much. None of the lower level leaders, starting from Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee, supported Mahua Matra.
On the other hand, the current state president of the Trinamool Congress, Kunal Ghosh, said, "One of the party's misstatements can never belong to the party. The Trinamool Congress does not support such an idea or comment of Mahua Maitra."
But does the Trinamool Congress want to run the party without Mahua Maitra? Or has factionalism started within the Trinamool Congress? Keep an eye on our website to find out!

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