LULU mall NAMAJ row

 India's biggest shopping mall, the LULU mall is situated in Lucknow, UP. Almost a 2000 crore rupee was invested to make this giant mall. This mall is inaugurated by UP CM Yogi Aditya Nath Ji. This mall has sparked a new controversy since Muslim and Hindu religious peoples have expressed their disagreement with the mall.

 Hindu and Muslim religious people had started their worship and prayer in the mall. Worship was being conducted in a public place due to this fact, and the police have taken a major step.

At first, few Muslim people started their Namaj in the middle of the hall. Seeing them, Hindu people also came there to do the ARATI of Hanuman Ji. Hindu people urged that if Muslims can pray in this mall why should not they worship.

The main thing is this type of incident in India can affect the business environment. The mall authorities put up notice boards at several places inside the mall mentioning that religious prayers will not be permitted in the mall.

Three people from Hindu samaj entered the mall and tried to recite Sunderland inside the mall premises.

Now the situation is under the control of the police. There is a peaceful situation in the mall. This type of incident should not happen. Because companies like LULU groups are investing a lot of money to develop the infrastructure of India. Currently, they are going to invest 2500 crore in UP.

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