League of Legends Star Guardian 2022 : Release Date, New Champions and Many More

League of Legends Star Guardian 2022 : Release Date, New Champions and Many Others 

The upcoming league of legends in the game event has been teased by Riot games. 
According to an official teaser film posted by Riot earlier today, the Star Guardian 2022 event will commence on 14 th July. 
The Return of ' Valorian city ' with teaser film features images and symbolism linked to the Star Guardian Skin range. Thematic aspects and modern anime art Style is fully embraced in classic star guardian form , with the teaser art Miniking on 21 St century , Japanese animated films such as 5 centimetres per second and The girl who leapt through time. Major portion of the trailer comprises shorts of a tranquil , urban City and unoccupied academy grounds. A pink-haired girl with a star guardian symbol on her neck appears at the very end of the teaser. 
The clip finishes with a title card for Riot games , Star Guardian had been a great success. Three events has taken place , each eliciting a significant response from the community. 
In 2016 , the first star guardian skins had released and the roster was expanded in 2017. The latter event was one of the most successful in Riots history with new game types created expressly for the occasion. 
The 2019 event introduced 4 new skins , but they were nothing in comparison with 2017. The latest leaks show star guardian 2022 will be the year's most important event. 
The Rumoured list seems like this :

Star Guardian Ekko ( Prestige Edition)
Star Guardian Syndra ( Prestige Edition )
Star Guardian Kai'sa ( LEGENDARY Edition)
Star Guardian Caitlyn
Star Guardian Akali
Star Guardian Rell
Star Guardian Quinn
Star Guardian Fiddlesticks
Star Guardian Nikah 
Arcade Corki 
Odyssey Sona. 
The League of Legends Star Guardians event in 2022 will begin on 14th July.

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