Know all about the situation of Messi in PSG

Leo Messi's situation PSG

▫️ Paris Saint-Germain want to discuss a new deal, as reported by some source.

▫️ PSG told Messi they are ready to offer a contract until 2024, in case he wants to stay.

▫️ Been told Messi will think about his future ‘only after the World Cup’. 

 Messi arrived at PSG's training camp 10 days before expected meanwhile Ronaldo is making excuses to avoid training & pre-season only to ditch Utd in the end for a club that could carry him to UCL glory.

Ronaldo's "challenge man" & "mentality monster" narrative is down the drain.

One is offered a new contract after 1 year. And Ronaldo other is going out and no club in Europe is taking him in. Every Soccer fan is in crazy mode to see his future club.

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