Jagdeep Dhankar!!! Candidate of Vice President election in India

A proud son of Bhoomiputra of Rajasthan! A farmer in his childhood, later a famous Supreme Court lawyer, currently the Governor of West Bengal, Jagdeep Dhankar was nominated for the post of Vice President of India by the All India BJP .
 BJP's All India President JP Nadda gave such a speech last Saturday. According to JP Nadda, the son of Rajasthan, the present Governor of West Bengal Jagdeep Dhankar will be our Maharathi in the Vice President election this year.

This decision of BJP has made the political circles tense. Various political analysts feel that this decision of BJP is taken only for Rajasthan assembly elections. But the BJP leadership is unwilling to accept this. According to them, Advocate Jagdeep Dhankar is the most qualified person for this duty and hence an application has been made to nominate him for this post. 

This is the statement of the political circles! Now let's see what the leadership is saying–

Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi says,"Shri Jagdeep Dhankhar Ji has excellent knowledge of our Constitution. He is also well-versed with legislative affairs. I am sure that he will be an outstanding Chair in the Rajya Sabha & guide the proceedings of the House with the aim of furthering national progress."
In the language of Amit Shah,"Congratulations to Shri Jagdeep Dhankar ji on being elected as the candidate for the post of Vice President of NDA. Born in a simple farmer family, Dhankhar ji's life was dedicated to the welfare of the people and upliftment of the society. I am sure that his understanding and constitutional knowledge on ground problems will be of great benefit to the country."

In the words of  Rajnath Singh,"Congratulations to Shri Jagdeep Dhankhar on being announced as the NDA’s candidate for the Vice President of India. He is a farmer’s son who has a deep understanding of Law and the Constitution. He has spent years in public service. India will greatly benefit from his experience."
On this side, the opposition party leaders are saying that all this is BJP's politics.

But common people are very happy with such a decision by the BJP. The proof of which was found in Twitter after the announcement. One tweet after another proves that people want Jagdeep Dhankar as Vice President.

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