Last day, India had taken a major and aggressive step in foreign policy; India will organize a meeting of the G 20 Summit in Ladakh also.

India will host this year's G-20 summit. The Indian government announced last month that Kashmir will host one of the G-20 meetings. Chinese and Pakistani governments oppose the move and try to put geopolitical pressure on India. In response to India's statement, Pakistan stated that G-20 meetings should not take place in disputed areas. Later china also backed Pakistan. 

However, India rejected both opposing viewpoints with this new announcement. As China does not consider Ladakh to be part of India, hosting a G-20 meeting in Ladakh would be unsustainable for China.

Though Pakistan is not a G-20 country, it is still trying to persuade Turkey and other G-20 countries to boycott the G-20 summit in India.

The decision to host one of the G-20 meetings in Ladakh is like adding insult to injury for China and  Pakistan.

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