India lost the 5th test against England and it can cost them WTC 2023 Final.

India lost the must-win match for WTC. 

Indian Team was ahead of this Test series by 2-1. Team Blue was looking so good in this series so far. Then the Covid marked the series and it got rescheduled for this month. 

At this time Kohli leaves his Test Captaincy on January 15th. Rohit Sharma got the Captaincy. 

But before the series he Got Covid and Bumrah Took over the captaincy.

The match Summary 

The Indian team Was very much ahead of the 5th test match in the first 3 days. After it, England came back. On the last day, England was 119 runs behind the series draw And 7 Wickets in hand. Joe Root and inform Johny Bairstow was in the middle.  

On the last day morning, England started positive and runs were leaking so fast.  

England won the match with 7 wickets in hand.

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