Hindus attack in Bangladesh 2022.

The fire of destruction is burning all over Bangladesh today.
 People are crying all around in the name of religion, the distance between people has increased. Meanwhile running here and there just to survive in this land. People are helpless in Bangladesh, the destruction of humanity is going on! Now let's see what actually happened ---- A few days ago, a professor was insulted for disciplining a student of Noakhali University. The incident did not end here, after which he was made to walk around the area wearing a shoelace.Which is an absolutely reprehensible incident to the teaching community. How many elite people of the Hindu society protested this incident. Three villages have to suffer the consequences! Three Hindu villages were completely burnt in the dark of night. Currently the area is Sunshan. Section 144 is in force until the situation relaxes.

Deepali Saha said "After one group looted all our valuables, another group came and found our door open. As there was nothing left to loot, they set our home on fire."

"Attacks on religious minorities in Muslim-majority Bangladesh are increasing and many of them happened after rumours or fake posts spread through social media." Said by a Bangladeshi news channel called bdnews24.com .

In the words of Mr. Haran "A young man posted something offensive on Facebook, triggering anger among Muslims. Police took his father to the police station after a search for the young man failed to trace him."

In the language of Shivnath Saha,"Police are on guard in the village, but we cannot trust them."

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