Hindu Sankalp March!

The 'Hindu Sankalp March' was held in Delhi today to keep Hinduism alive in this land of Hindus, to keep the unity of Hindus alive!

The march started from the Mandi House area of ​​Delhi and ended at Jantar Mantar. More than twenty thousand people took part in the beginning,Later its number stood at about fifty thousand.
The saints of various famous temples in Delhi took part in the procession. The only thing the participants in the procession wanted was to "establish Hinduism and the security of Hindus in India."
High-ranking BJP leaders Tajinder Pal Singh Bagga and Kapil Mishra were present on the occasion.
In the words of Avtar Singh, the former mayor of North Delhi, "Several Hindu parties have taken to the streets today for this 'Sankalp March'. We have come here to raise our voice against the attack on Hindus. That way they cannot be targeted or attacked. We will not spare those who target us. ” Several roads in central Delhi have been temporarily closed due to the procession.

Besides, Nupur Sharma and other leading BJP leaders of the country made various comments on Twitter.which are highlighted below–

In the language of Nupur sharma ,"feel comforted by the Hindu Sankalp March today. Thank you VHP, Bajrang Dal, you have always been the first line of defence for Hindus."

In the words of Priti Gandhi,"India will follow its Constitution, NOT Sharia law!!"
Yogi Debnath says,"Super electrifying atmosphere at Hindu Sankalp march at Delhi . Bharat will be governed by the Constitution not Sharia Law."

In the language of Apurva Singh "it is the must Unity!"

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