Hamid Ansari, former vice president, turned out to be a betrayer?


Pakistani columnist Nusrat Mirza made a startling claim in the interview with YouTube vlogger Shakil Chowdhury. Mirza stated that he had visited India many times between 2005 and 2011. His visits to these places enabled him to accumulate a great deal of information about India. He later claimed that he had passed over this vital information to the spy agency in Pakistan called ISI, who were able to get hold of it.

Mirza mentioned his 2010 visit. He had been invited to a seminar on terrorism arranged by Hamid Ansari, the former Vice President of India. Mirza also stated about Mili gazette publishers and Zafarul Islam. Mirza added that he got much crucial information about India which was further handed over to ISIS.

After the video became viral, people in India took on Hamid Ansari. Earlier, there were a lot of allegations made against Ansari.

A post on Twitter about Ansari is going viral and it's making some pretty big accusations. It claims that he passed information from RAW agents to the Pakistani army.

 People are now also raising allegations against the Congress party. After Ansari was accused, people are becoming even more outraged. It's shameful to the country that someone like him would become vice president more than once under the congress party.

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