Four-time champion Sebastian Vettel retired from Formula 1

4-time world FI champion Sebastian Vettel announced he will retire from Formula One racing at the end of this season. 

So many special memories. Fans would never have fallen in love with the sport if it wasn't for Seb. You will be sorely missed!

Sebastian Vettel 

1. 4 world titles

2. 53 race wins

 3. 122 podiums

4. of the greats

"Everybody is a Sebastian Vettel fan, even if they say they are not, they are Sebastian Vettel fans."

Fans Thanked him for the countless memories, we will carry them forever.

Sebastian Vettel is the kind of guy that just randomly shows up on social media, gains half a million followers in half a day, retires from Formula 1 and then just silently walks away. 

This is the video message Sebastian posted on his ig a very beautiful and heartfelt message to all of his fans and the whole F1 community, I just can't believe this is real and it's happening but It had to happen one day, sadly today is that day.

For someone who's never been into social media, the world should've seen this coming after he joined Instagram this morning. 

This is going to be hard. The only reason some started watching F1 is gone. 

Vettel at Ferrari against Lewis in Mercedes in 2017 and 2018 was one of the best times in F1 and remembering his dominance at RB. Vettel is one of the best drivers we have ever seen step into an f1 car.

A leader amongst many followers, a man who sees more than the car, a man who follows his heart and takes him where ever he feels tight. I aspire to be someone like Seb. One of my heroes.

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