Fintech Firm “Intelly” Launches Real Estate Investment Platform

Fintech Firm “Intelly” Launches Real Estate Investment Platform

Intelly, a blockchain-based financial firm, will launch a fractional non-fungible token (F-NFT) real estate investing platform on Tuesday, July 20. The new platform will provide investors access to proper estate investments using Intelly's native token, "INTL."

In a statement on July 19, the blockchain-based finance startup revealed ready intentions to provide fractional NFTs. Customers will be able to purchase real estate on Intelly's decentralized platform for real estate investing.

After Intelly completed its initial coin offering, the Intelly Exchange, a real estate marketplace, was launched at the beginning of this year (ICO). The underlying asset's profitability is utilized to trade F-NFTs that trading platform users have allocated a value to. The Intelly Exchange will have residential, commercial, and business projects, as well as bars and restaurants. Intelly's CEO makes a statement


Long-term returns on real estate investing are generally favorable, but a significant initial down payment deters many would-be buyers. It's noteworthy to notice that many of the steps required to invest in real estate will be eliminated by the eagerly awaited F-NFT platform. The new functionality establishes a connection between the physical and digital worlds by entering the quickly growing tokenization market. According to Intelly, its market value will be $9.2 billion by 2030.

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