Dr. Avinash Das hurts Hindu religions!

One by one After the kali poster debate, this time the famous film director Dr. Avinash Das took the field.

First Leena Manimekalai, then Mahua Maitra, this time Dr. Avinash Das.  Leena Manimekalai is a famous film director, Mahua Maitra is an MP, and this time another famous film director came into the field again.
So what is happening in India? 
The BJP leadership says, "The main purpose of some people is to hurt the God of the Hindus. They are not getting a chance to come out in public because of their qualifications, so they are doing this heinous act."
Who do you think is right? 
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A few days ago, Leena Manimekalai tweeted that if I don't have freedom of speech, how can India be the largest democracy in the world?
Meanwhile, Mahua Maitra is adamant in his speech! So, what will Dr. Avinash Das do? He has been booked earlier also for speeding fake news. 
 Let's see what the general public is saying: -
In the language of Professor AK Singh "arrest and punish according to Section 295A!!!
 This fellow has insulated my religion.
 Avinash: have you dared to write some kind of lines for other religions except Hindu?"
Aman Dubey says-" he is a hate spreader and abuser of Hindu God. Goddess is also a serial fake news peddler.
Please let us your opinion!!

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