DC fans trends BoycottWB on Twitter after WB reveals upcoming contents


Snyder Cultists start a #BoyCottWB campaign. One of the steps to supporting this important cause is buying as many copies of the WB published Snyder Cut on Blu-Ray and Digital as financially possible.

Marvel Drops some big big news for their fans 

two avengers films in one year, KANG, fantastic 4, daredevil born again, Wakanda forever trailer, captain America 4 date confirmed, Adam Warlock, & so much more & still 8 unannounced projects for d23 everyone say thank you Kevin feige comiccon2022.


Marvel Studios' Daredevil has OFFICIALLY been spotted in the She-Hulk trailer from comiccon2022. Could this be the OFFICIAL arrival of Marvel's Defenders in the MCU.


#BoycottWB is trending and rightly so...WB needs to get rid of the entire executive team and the assholes on top and allow Snyder to handle the justice league.

Anyone can say anything about Marvel, but at least they are treating their franchises and actors with respect.

DC fans got only the Shazam trailer and Black Adam trailer in this event yet.

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