Clash Royale Decks -Top Ten Best and Worst Card in Ladder - Clash Royale

Top Ten Best  and Worst Card in Ladder - Clash Royale

So this is my first blog post because of it being outdated , the meta shifts and currently these are the best cards and worst cards in laddar. 


These cards are either straight up to OP or being extremely versatile , highly recommend you to use them


Personally I really like baby dragons as a flying troop. He's much better than the witch , only costing four elixir and having a lot more HP. He can chip really well. He's a very decent counter against Minion horde, bats and spear goblins. So basically only the rocket kills him 1 shot. 


MINER is by far the top.3 legendaries of the game. He wreaks bait decks with a surprise attack and he's also a great tank . Being the only 3 tanky legendaries, he's better than knight on offense .

Miner's ability to appear anywhere is a great tank for minions , goblin Gang . He can also take out wizards, princesses and continue tanking . MINER comes with the same strength as a baby dragon .


He's a crazy , OP on defence, seriously nothing ( except pekka) can pass through his Armor. He's also amazing at counter push and bait decks , tanking and goblin barrels..

    Knight really needs a big Nerf soon . It's been like that for half a year. He's been like that !


Mega knight is not really OP , but he's very deadly at defence. Mega knight is a more versatile legend . He is amazing in both 1V1 and 2V2 . Being the 2nd most powerful 

Defensive card. He shifted the met , except for one case….

Mega knight is pretty weak on offence because he's easy to stop. Inferno Dragon, minion horde, knight or even the dark prince are amazing counters. However he can also be a support card for offence. 


Just like miners , bandits crush bait decks , saving your log against goblin barrels. She is extremely fast but not too hard to stop. 

  Surprisingly , even with the bridge spam Nerf it didn't affect her at all she remained OP but balanced. 


HOG rider is crazy fast, having an insane amount of HP and damage. For 4 elixirs only. He's hard to stop ,he's a very dangerous tank. 

   Most counters of him are pretty unreliable.swarms, mini pekka , pekka can still let him get at least one hit .


Executioner had been a complete nightmare. His HP os so high , his damage isn't strong but it can cut down almost everything along with tornado  

     He has basically no weakness except against high HP troops. 


With the recent spear goblin buff. I think the Goblin Gang got even better. 

They're insane defensive cards, more log bait than skeleton army and good DPS. Possibly goblin Gang might be better than skeleton army. 

However , note that they will find a way to save their log  


PEKKA is the best defensive troop in the game, much better than the knight . Even though she's pretty expensive . It's worth it as she counters all cancer cards (mega knight ) pretty much nothing can get through its Armor. 


I can't select one particular card as the best card .

So please kindly take your best card from the nine.  


Those cards either can't fit well ,or they really suck need a buff !!


The extra elixir really ruined this card.

Once , mirror was a fair card but now it's ruined as new cards came , so the extra elixir isn't worth it. 

Even with the buffs it did nothing. 

To save it remove the extra elixir. 


BOMBER was arguably one of the worst cards for quite a long time , supercell probably forgotten about himb, the latest buff did nothing to help him , yet it was at 10 months ago , bomber had good damage. But it has a weakness that made him reach this list. His HP is a joke , so if supercell wants to revive him, buff his HP ! He's seriously too fragile and arguably one of the worst glass cannons. Since he's too fragile , why not buff his HP?


Skeletons are really bad after Ledoot left again. It  only costs 1 elixir but they're outclassed by ice spirit . And who uses them rather than goblins ? 

    Skeletons had good damage , but sadly the skeleton army is a lot deadlier , skeletons desperately need a buff. Bringing back Ledoot but weakening them or buffing them should do a lot ! 


When Elite barbarians do not exist then barbarians are arguably one of the best cards in the game. 

  But after they come , the regular barbarians turn out to be too easy to stop , too slow and weak for 5 elixir , being outshined by the elite barbarians and more. BARBARIANS are dying off. 

   Although elite barbarians are more likely an offensive card ,thanks to their higher HP , they are much more reliable than barbarians on defence. BARBARIANS will need a big buff. 


Bomb tower is good against swarms, plus the recent indirect buff of the goblin Hut actually promote swarmers , where bomb tower is strong against. 

   But it's outclassed badly by the inferno tower just like all the other defences. Bomb tower is actually under rated. 


Clones is just too weak to be a good card .

Clone troops can be easily wrecked by tornadoes . 


After Tesla's rework, the cannon became a lot more useless. 

Cannon had very poor stats , low HP , low damage . Now , Tesla is a much better option . Cannon is terrible against tanks and swarms. 


Cannon cart is one of the dumbest cards in the game. Cannon cart is badly outclassed by the guards. And it is definitely the worst shield card.  

   Supercell should decrease the cost ! Or it'll be so unpopular that everyone forgets it. 


It no longer makes sense to use the barbarian Hut. 

Barbarians are one of the worst cards. Barbarian Hut spawns barbarians which is not really so effective. 

I have no idea how to buff it. 


There are some cards which may be the worst cards for this list but according to my theory the worst card is bats.

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