China ready to make "World's first deep space radar systems"

World's first deep space radar systems in China & save the Earth neither monitor the world-


What is this Rudder System?

This Chinese-made device is basically a powerful radar system, said Long Teng, president of the Institute of Technology - it will be able to monitor the position of all planets, constellations and various satellites within a range of 150 million kilometres. China has codenamed this radar system Fuyan or 'facetted eye'. It will have about twenty 25 to 30 meter long antennas attached through which it will operate.

Chinese flag

Chinese space flag

What's the reason of this mission?

China said that"The main reason for this mission is to protect the earth from the impact of another planet or star. If it is observed that the moon(distance between Earth and moon 400,000 km) has also come within the range of this radar, then if a rocket is sent to the moon again, it is possible to know the complete information of that rocket and if there is any possibility of an attack from another planet.  It is possible to know in advance."China became interested in this mission after learning about the collision of Earth with another planet last April.

Earth & Moon 

#China said the mission would be in 2025, but for special reasons, it looks like it could be as late as 2026.

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