BJP's weapon in the 2024 elections is CAA.

BJP's weapon in the 2024 elections is CAA.

Sukant Majumder announced the issuance of CAA in Bengal at a press conference last night. Such a statement by the BJP state president has made a comeback in Bengal politics. Let's see who is saying what ???

A few days ago, the same demand was made by Shantanu Tagore, the head of Matua Sangha and the Member of Parliament for Bangaon.

According to some political observers, Matua is affected by 83 assembly seats in Bengal, so the BJP wants to rule West Bengal through the permanent citizenship of the Matuas.

In 2019, the BJP's Union Cabinet passed the CA. Then on January 10, 2020, the central ruling party established the CAA as law.

Trinamool Congress remarks: "The people of Bengal have seen what the BJP can do. According to Modiji, Rs 1.5 million has been deposited in the bank accounts of 130 crore people!"

When the CAA was not issued even after the BJP Lok Sabha elections, the people of the Matua community continued the movement. Today, political personalities from the people of the state were shocked to hear the remarks of the BJP state president of Bengal.

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