BGMI grand final result !! Showdown!!who dares wins!!

One of the best eSports tournaments in the world has just ended and we are here to bring you all the information about the tournament which is given below----

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 The Grand Finale of Battle Ground Mobile India's 2022 Biggest Tournament Showdown is now over!

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Now let's see who is the champion, who is the first runner-up, who is the second runner-up? From the first day, around six to seven teams played a tense game, but in a twist of fate, someone lost. 

Someone else won. Let's see what happened—-----

The last match of this grand final was at Erangle. 

7Sea E-Soprts had four consecutive wins in the last match, but the end zone was not in their favor.
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Despite this, 7Sea E-Soprts were the eventual tournament champions through numerous finishes.
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 The team that put 7Sea E-Sports in the most danger is Enigma gaming. 
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But They  did not get the first runner up trophy. They lost! On the other hand, Enigma gaming playing hide and seek took his place as first runner-up with points.
sources from Google

And all the top employees from the CEO of Crafton company were present in this event. They handed over the prizes to the winning teams. 

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