Australian GOAT Ricky Ponting reacts on the bad phase of Virat Kohli

Ricky ponting the great of Australia Cricket has his says about Virat kohli. First kohli is going through a very bad phase nowadays. In the past 2 years and more he has not scored a Century.

Ricky Ponting said "Every great player goes through a poor patch in their career - the best will rebound and respond - I think only a matter of time before Virat Kohli does that".

Ricky pointing also said " I think if I was an opposition captain or an opposition player, I will be fearing playing an Indian team that has Virat Kohli in it, more than I would be one that doesn’t have him in it," Ponting noted.

"I know there have been some challenges for him, it’s been a difficult time.

"But every great player that I have seen in this game has been through it at some stage, whether that’s a batsman or a bowler, they have all been through it.

"And somehow, the best (players) find a way to rebound and respond, and it’s only a matter of time before Virat does that."

Ricky pointing Stats 

560 Matches

27483 runs

71 centuries

146 fifties

4 ICC trophies

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