Gaganyaan Abort Mission & Vision

Gaganyaan Abort Lunar & Solar Missions In 2023;

Indian Space Research Organisation
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What is Gaganyaan abort mission:
Indian Space Science Organization ISRO is all set to launch its third spacecraft in 2023 to observe the Sun and the Moon. Now only a few scientific meetings and detailed testing of the equipment remain. ISRO has said that these works will also be completed in the next five to seven months.Chairman of ISRO S Somanath on Thursday said the launch detail of the ambitious Gaganyaan mission.

S Somanath New Chief of ISRO
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S Somanath said that "It is a very important mission. We have to be extremely careful when we send humans to space," 

The Indian space agency had in 2019 announced its plans to set up its own space station in “five to seven years” after successfully launching its first human spaceflight mission. (File)

The Gaganyaan mission will take some more time, but some unmanned rockets will be sent into space. We are more worried about this because in the meantime, some of our friends or brothers will go to space. Life is the most important thing for us, that's why I am constantly checking the rocket. Because the pilot or someone else can get out if there is a chance of an accident from all the other planes but the rocket is so fast that it is impossible to get out so if there is any problem with the rocket he has to solve it or the pilot has to be informed about it. And these are the advanced equipments without which it is not possible that we have and we will complete this mission very quickly using STAR.

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"Currently the tests on lander propulsion and lander systems are underway. We want to make it very rugged. We have made the lander rugged. So some mass increase in lander has occurred. Its legs have been made stronger. Propulsion system needs to be rugged. Tests are going on at Mahendragiri for proving that. We want to look at the sensors. Last time we had doubts on sensors. So we are adding new sensors, helicopter sorties, experiments. Let us complete all tests and be clear," he also told that.

We have acquired 2000 acres of land for the spaceport to be built at Kulasekarapattinam and the rocket launching pad will be built there with state-of-the-art development technology and our design has been completed.

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Mission connected person and organisation:

Indian Navy, Indian,Shipping Corporation of India,Coast Guard, National Institute of Ocean Technology,National Institute of Oceanography.

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